How To Get Married
A 2-hour DVD on How to Plan
and Create Your Dream Wedding

musign.jpg (6601 bytes)      Holly Harris is a professional wedding coordinator, fully trained and certified by the National Association of Certified Wedding Consultants (NACWC). Her expertise in the party and special events planning business gave her the in-depth knowledge necessary to become a much sought-after professional in her field.
     Having herself been a "Mother of the Bride" and also a "Mother of the Groom," she has an extra special sensitivity.
     For the past 10 years, Holly has been helping scores of brides, grooms and their families to plan and create the weddings of their dreams. Her methods and insights have saved enormous amounts of time, money and stress normally associated with this momentous occasion.
     Holly believes that having a wedding that's warm and wonderful is more than just what you wear, what you eat and where you go to do those things... it's about feelings, about family and foremost about love.
    Chapters include: People, Officiant, Invitations, Jewelry, Gifts, Bridal Wardrobe, Groom's Attire, Ceremony, Rehearsal, Cake, Florist, Photographer, Videographer, Music, Looking Good, Honeymoon, Legalities, Reception, and more.

Wedding Planning... $39.95